North Carolina Unauthorized Substance Tax

The State of North Carolina has a unique tax known as the North Carolina Unauthorized Substances Tax, which is commonly referred to as the "Drug Tax." It is a tax assessed on individuals in possession of certain quantities of illegal substances.

The drug tax is typically assessed upon the arrest of an individual in possession of controlled substances. This is usually a highly stressful time for the individual as they may be in jail and/or focusing on their criminal charges. Owing a tax is not their foremost concern, and the North Carolina Department of Revenue may take advantage of this.

Once the NCDOR assesses the tax, and individual only has 45 days to file an appeal. If an appeal is filed, chances are good at trying to negotiate the debt. Unfortunately, once the 45 days has run, it becomes difficult to resolve the matter. Thus, it is critically important to come to our office to discuss options BEFORE the 45 day period expires.

The NCDOR has a 10-year period in which to attempt to collect the debt. This tax can haunt a person for a long time and can lead to seizure of property, wage garnishment, seizure of state tax refunds, and other measures for years after the initial criminal matter is resolved.

Our firm can help individuals facing this tax and try to resolve the matter as efficiently as possible. Call Davis Nardone, PC toady to learn more.