Bankruptcy Lawyer in Concord, NC

If your financial horizon is darkened with clouds of debt, a Concord, NC, bankruptcy lawyer from the firm of Nardone Law stands ready to help you find shelter. Financial collapse is devastating, frightening, and humiliating. Whether you’re threatened with debt collection, foreclosure, or bankruptcy, you still have legal rights. Depend on us to give you honest answers and assist you with carrying out a plan to rebuild.

Our lawyer are dedicated to helping you construct a new financial foundation for your life. We’ll assess your personal situation and advise you of available legal protections and procedures, such as negotiating reasonable debt settlements or filing bankruptcy. As local business owners, we care about the financial success of our neighbors. Legal services we offer include:

  • Debt settlement negotiation
  • Protection against illegal debt collection practices and consumer harassment
  • Bankruptcy filings under Chapter 7, 11, 12, or 13
  • Foreclosure representation
  • Student loan debt representation
  • Family Farmer 
  • Catch up back Child Support payments
At Nardone Law, you’ll find a sympathetic, knowledgeable Concord, NC, bankruptcy lawyer committed to restructuring your finances. Stop the debt collection cycle now. Protect your rights by contacting us today for an initial consultation.